Hazardous Area heaters require special consideration in order to keep it safe.  Explosion Proof Drum Heaters are designed to comply with hazardous area specifications in mind and will allow you to solve many problems like viscosity and flow issues while still maintaining the highest standards in safety.

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Safely Heat Flammable Liquids

HeatAuthority.com is able to offer quality made, safety certified drum & tote heaters made in the USA & the UK.  These heaters are tried and tested and will perform to your satisfaction.
You can safely heat flammable liquids in steel drums.  These drum heaters are a convenient and effective option for applications where health & safety are a number one concern.  Proper procedures must be followed and extreme caution exercised when working in Hazardous Area locations.  This is why HeatAuthority.com only offers the best equipment available on the market today.
Common Bucket & Drum sizes available:
• 5 Gallon
• 16 Gallon
• 30 Gallon
• 55 Gallon

THERM55A Induction Drum Heater - Explosion Proof Drum Heater
Thermosafe THERM55A – HeatAuthority.com


Explosion Proof Drum Heater
Powerblanket CBBH55G-C1D1 – HeatAuthority.com

Whatever your requirements are, we have a solution. Whether you need a hard fiberglass “Clam-shell” type induction heater or a heated wrap, there is a product to fit your needs. Class, Zone and Division certifications to meet your needs as well. If you have a custom situation requiring a custom solution we can help. Give us a call or drop us an email and one of our team specialists can assist you in resolving whatever requirements you have.

Explosion Proof Drum Heaters

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Safely heat your hazardous materials and liquids with Powerblanket, ThermoSafe and other hazardous area heaters – The #1 names in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof industrial heating.  

  • Explosion Proof Area Certified
  • Class 1 & Zone 1 Certifications
  • Fits Larger and Smaller IBC Totes, Drums and Gas Cylinders
  • Multiple Voltage Options (120V & 240V) / up to 9.5A – 2300W
  • Power cord supplied open ended to facilitate plant wiring.
  • Complete Certification Paperwork Supplied with each Order!

explosion proof drum heaters

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